A professional head lice treatment and prevention company located downtown Westmont, Illinois.

About lylocks

We offer you the option of servicing you in the comfort of your own home, or at our home based location; whichever is most convenient and comfortable for you.

It is our goal to treat head lice using the strand-by-strand method implemented by the Shepherd Institute along with safe, non-toxic, enzyme based, lice expert approved and independently tested products.

We believe that parents, caregivers, and teachers all play a role in managing head lice. We want to provide that extra help to families who struggle with chronic or prolonged infestation, or just a few nits.

Lice Education

Alongside lylocks’ lice removal services and lice prevention tips, our center offers lice education for Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our educational seminars and lice screenings are perfect for schools, private schools, and summer camps providing a holistic, non-toxic lice treatment approach.

To learn more about our head lice removal and educational services, please contact lylocks today.

Shepherd Institute

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